With a Fire Insurance Plan, you will have a secure everyday living.

Our Fire Insurance policy will cover your properties for a consideration of a premium and subject to the conditions of the policy contract, to pay or make good to the insured the direct loss or damage to a particular property caused during a specific period by Fire and Lightning or by other insured Perils.

Why you need this insurance

This helps you cover a wide range of inclusions for fire risks through costs, terms of coverages and varied other conditions.

Covers cost of damage

Covers cost of damage

Protect assets from losses occurring due to fire that may affect your properties.
Gives repair cost on machines

Gives repair cost on machines

Look after the cost of repair and/or replacement of your machines and equipment.
Secures your property

Secures your property

Secures your insured property on replacement to reconstruct your properties and its contents.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Who may be insured?
  1. Absolute or registered owner or property;
  2. Part-owner or joint owner of property;
  3. Mortgagor or mortgagee;
  4. Lessor or Lessee, or;
  5. Bailee - to whom the property is entrusted.

What are the classification of buildings?
  1. Residential - Buildings used primarily as dwelling units, townhouses and condominiums;
  2. Warehouse - Buildings/Structures used as storage of goods or Merchandise;
  3. Industrial - Buildings/Structures occupied mainly as workshop, Factories and mills;
  4. General - Building/Structures used as school, churches, offices, hospital, cinemas, restaurants, department stores, shopping malls and the like;

What kind of properties can be insured?
  1. Buildings (Completed or Under Construction)
  2. Contents
  3. Stocks in Trade, Goods and Merchandise;
  4. Machinery, Equipment, spare parts, accessories and tools;
  5. Business and Household Appliances, utensils, furniture, fixtures and fittings

What are the Allied Perils?

1. Earthquake

     - Earthquake Fire - covers the insured against direct loss or damage cause by Fire following an earthquake.

    - Earthquake Shock - covers other direct loss or damage resulting from an earthquake

2. Typhoon - covers loss or damage to insured property/ies cause by Typhoon. It shall be understood to mean as Typhoon or Storm as recorded by the Weather Bureau (PAGASA).

3. Flood - cover loss or damage caused by flood. It shall be understood to mean as entry of water into the insured premises due to inundation of land not usually                  covered by water.

4. Extended Coverage

      - Smoke - covers loss or damage due to sudden, unusual faulty operations of any heating or cooking unit when connected to the chimney by smoke pip/vent in the premises excluding smoke from fire places or industrial apparatus.

     - Explosion - covers loss or damage due to explosion except loss or damage to pressure vessels from their own explosion and centrifugal force of rotating machinery.

     - Aircraft and Vehicle Impact - covers loss or damage due to physical Contact or impact of an aircraft of vehicle, including falling Objects from aircraft.

5. Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage- covers loss or damage directly Caused by:

     - Strikers and locked our worker;

     - Persons disturbing the place, and;

     - Lawful authorities acting to suppress the disturbance.

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